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It is PokéLog of LeYaoTang during 2022 in the journey trough Pokémon Legends: Arceus.


by Le Yao Tang 2022


Jan - Comparing to the first generation games, we never lvlup to lvl 40 the Pokémon in the first day. That is amazing! Legends: Arceus is very dynamic!


Feb - It is an experience that we all Pokéfans are waiting for since the second generation! In fact the Pokémon Go and the Let's Go were very fundamental to put the whole franchise on the pathway of the new gamers and to (re)catch the old gamers, however Legends: Arceus does everything of that and more!!!


March - With the announcement of PKMN Scarlet and Violet we can feel that the entire franchise is in a new pathway, and maybe fightings some new ventures. The main risk to the whole franchise: if the PKMN Scarlet and Violet will be not a vast-freedom PKMN like PKMN Arceus, will put a dumper in all nowadays old-new Pokémaniacs that will traumatize everyone for years.


April and May - It is very difficult to get to the last rank. However, it is at the end of the game that the most exciting fights actually happen, especially with certain legendary ones. The new updates about hordes of PKMN and multiple alphas refresh the gameplay a lot. The long-awaited Pokemon Home connection has arrived and it's very agile!

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Who is the Pokéfan Le YaoTang?

Le YaoTang is a Pokéfan from Brazil that was very Pokémaniac around 1999~2002. Nowadays is an indie game dev and a scholar researching games, education and health.