PAY ATTENTION M3ater: that is not a qa for software development. that is a qa for the whole ludologic project of the indie development - your build is more than a software phase or stage, it is a vivid human state.

Dead Build

Want your PC game build dead, really dead? 

Pre-alpha, alpha, beta, gold... We will test your build with energy, highroller energy in fingers! We will destroy our own keyboard and mouse for you! Just for you!



Gameplay Rhythmin

... We will report it for you!

1 intense hour of tests = 9 caps! (U$ 9,00)

Hello my fren

Hello my friend stay awhile and listen... We will explore your PC game build with clemancy. No need to rush. We will enjoy your atmosphere (even if a diabolic atmosphere) and will report you all with peace and bravery in our hearts.

1 hour of relaxaway tests = 7 gold coins (U$ 7,00)

Die monster!

Die ridiculous build you don't belong to this world!

We will hate so much you and your project and you will like it. 

If you have a non wealthy PC game project like a stopped build with weird code and game design not balanced - we will test it and will hunt all kind of problems in your build and NO MERCY we will report all bullshit.

1 hour deep in your hell = 6 chicken in walls (U$ 6,00)

Oh and if u R indie (no publisher) - 40% off
If u R latin-american, african or asian - 40% off (cumulative)

If you are REALLY out of gas... It is free for u!