The user's percentual on the use of powerful video cards is decreasing. Also the top multiple core processors are not too common in emerging markets.
NVIDIA top of the line video cards in the last pandemic months are decreasing, perhaps due to the expensive issues - aiming the global market as below by the Steam hardware data collected from the users:

We could bet on the 10% of Intel Mobo graphics so!

The egpu for notebooks or the PC Desktop builds are not to real for emerging markets too. Due to the nowadays dollar currency adapaters and a lot of side hardware are expensive even if purchased from Chinese websites.

For example, the brazilian technology reality could tell us the great deal: the brazilian market sells dated medium video cards in 2019 as the top sells. Following the hardware.com.br data we could see that GT 710 was the most selled.

Our bet. Our proposal.

We believe in PC Games that could be easier to run for emerging gamers. Also easier for small emerging studios to publish games that ermerging gamers could play. Therefore we will support the indie and latin-african-asian PC Game projects testing at low cost but with an intimate professional care.

Low cost - Below the market price, but very attractive to our testers who will receive it in dolars.

Intimate Professional Care - All tests will organized and reported by email. No auto messages. Each tested project will be treated individually.